Fernando Ramos

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This paper describes a framework of real-time simulation for modeling heavy construction operations. Compared with the traditional offline simulation that uses stationary inputs, the capability of real-time simulation to dynamically incorporate new project data and adapt to changes in the operating environment offers the promise of improving the accuracy of(More)
Behaviors in soccer-agent domains can involve individual plays, several players involved in tactical plays or the whole team trying to follow strategies supported by specific formations. The discovery of such behaviors needs the tracking of both the positions of players at any instant of the game and relevant relations able to represent particular(More)
In this work, we report the partial sequence of a 51 kDa protein of Entamoeba histolytica that is highly immunogenic in humans. Partial sequencing of the N-terminal end showed that 18 of the first 20 amino acid residues of the protein were identified uniquely, indicating that the final product was a homogeneous protein preparation. The N-terminal sequence(More)
This paper presents and discusses a faculty development program being carried out at the University of Aveiro, aiming at providing academics with essential skills in areas such as teaching best practices, student-centered curriculum design, collaborative learning and the adoption of ICT/Internet technologies. 1 Background Founded in 1973, the University of(More)