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This paper describes a framework of real-time simulation for modeling heavy construction operations. Compared with the traditional offline simulation that uses stationary inputs, the capability of real-time simulation to dynamically incorporate new project data and adapt to changes in the operating environment offers the promise of improving the accuracy of(More)
Behaviors in soccer-agent domains can involve individual plays, several players involved in tactical plays or the whole team trying to follow strategies supported by specific formations. The discovery of such behaviors needs the tracking of both the positions of players at any instant of the game and relevant relations able to represent particular(More)
It is presented an algorithm for locally-optimal path planning which is based on Kavraki and Latombe's Probabilistic Roadmaps (PRM) and Simulated Annealing (SA). The PRM method is able to generate collision-free paths in a very short time (once that the roadmap has been constructed). However, when generating the paths, it is not taken into consideration any(More)