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The Liberal Case for Humanitarian Intervention
The paper makes the liberal argument for intervening by force to end or prevent serious human rights abuses. It relies on twin assumptions of liberal moral and political theory: that the primaryExpand
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Humanitarian Intervention: An Inquiry into Law and Morality
International Law, Humanitarian Intervention and Moral Theory The Assumptions of the Non-interventionist Model The Hegelian Myth Utility, Rights, Intention and Motive in Humanitarian Intervention TheExpand
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Rational Choice and Democratic Deliberation: A Theory of Discourse Failure
1. Introduction 2. The epistemic argument for deliberation 3. The rational choice framework 4. The resilience of discourse failure 5. Symbolism in political argument 6. Discourse failure andExpand
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Ending Tyranny in Iraq
The war in Iraq has reignited the passionate humanitarian intervention debate. President George W. Bush surprised many observers in his second inaugural address when he promised to oppose tyranny andExpand
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The Kantian Theory of International Law
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A Philosophy Of International Law
* The Kantian Thesis * Sovereignty and Intervention * International Law, Game Theory, and Morality * The Rawlsian Theory of International Law * Self-Determination, Group Rights, and Secession *Expand
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International Obligation and the Theory of Hypothetical Consent
Traditionally, the problem of the basis of obligation in international law has been framed in terms of the following questions: Why is international law binding? Why should states obey internationalExpand
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