Fernando Quirós- Pacheco

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Rice (Oryza sativa L.) is the primary source of carbohydrate for the majority of the World's population. Herbaspirillum seropedicae is a diazotroph that lives within and on the surface of rice roots. It can promote the growth of rice, partly by supplying it with fixed nitrogen. To better understand the rice–H. seropedicae interaction, cDNA libraries from(More)
Hemodynamic factors such as low wall shear stress have been shown to influence endothelial healing and atherogenesis in stent-free vessels. However, in stented vessels, a reliable quantitative analysis of such relations has not been possible due to the lack of a suitable method for the accurate acquisition of blood flow. The objective of this work was to(More)
Competitiveness and growth in the knowledge-based economy are directly linked both to the development of local innovation capacity and connectivity to global resources. Clusters and networks are emerging as significant tools to promote regional development, foster SME growth, reduce spatial and social inequalities, and to activate, diffuse and expand(More)
Knowledge Management (KM) encompasses a broad and heterogeneous domain of business practices, with roots in management of human resources, information, information technology, strategy, and accounting. Although its core concepts are not difficult to understand, KM is notoriously challenging to put into practice because it deals in intangibles that are(More)
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