Fernando Pardo

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RESPONSE PROPERTIES OF A FOVEATED SPACE-VARIANT CMOS IMAGE SENSOR F. Pardo1 J.A. Boluda1 J.J. P erez1 S. Felici1 B. Dierickx2 D. Sche er2 1Instituto de Robotica-Universidad de Valencia, C/ Hugo de Moncada 4-E, 46010 Valencia, SPAIN Fernando.Pardo@uv.es 2IMEC, Kapeldreef 75, 3001 Leuven, BELGIUM dierickx@imec.be ABSTRACT A new foveated CMOS image sensor has(More)
A soil contaminated with a B20 biodiesel blend (20 % biodiesel, 80 % diesel) has been treated by modified Fenton process with or without chelant addition. All experiments were conducted without pH adjustment. The reagents used were as follows: hydrogen peroxide as oxidant (400-4,000 mmol L(-1)), ferric ion as catalyst (5-20 mmol L(-1)), and trisodium(More)
Numerous studies of insect species have shown that a subset of female cuticular hydrocarbons is used as short-range or contact pheromones. Here, we studied the possible use of contact pheromones in the mating behavior of the weevil Aegorhinus superciliosus, a native species of Chile. Males mounted females only after antennal contact with the female's(More)
The objective of this study was to evaluate the role of host volatiles in the relationship between a blueberry plant Vaccinium corymbosum L. and the raspberry weevil Aegorhinus superciliosus (Guérin) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), the principal pest of blueberry in the south of Chile. Volatiles from the aerial part of different phenological stages of the host(More)
Optical flow computation has been extensively used for motion estimation of objects in image sequences. The results obtained by most optical flow techniques are computationally intensive due to the large amount of data involved. A new change-based data flow pipelined architecture has been developed implementing the Horn and Schunk smoothness constraint;(More)
Modeling of physical phenomena often involves the use of complex sets of equations whose computational solution has demanding requirements in terms of memory and computing power. Finite-difference time-domain (FD-TD) method is a technique widely used nowadays in a variety of areas, such as antennas design, medical studies, circuit packaging and non(More)
Simultaneous chemoradiation is used in unresectable pancreatic cancer for palliation. It is not known if the use of adjuvant surgery will benefit this group of patients. From November 1991 to September 1998, 47 patients with unresectable pancreatic cancer were treated with simultaneous preoperative radiation therapy (45 Gy) and chemotherapy. Chemotherapy(More)
Tumor progression while receiving neoadjuvant chemotherapy (PD) has been associated with poor outcome and is commonly considered a contraindication to liver resection (LR). This study aims to clarify in a large multicenter setting whether PD is always a contraindication to LR. Data from the LiverMetSurvey international registry were analyzed. Patients(More)
Plant growth inhibitory effects of acetophenones 1-6, tremetones 7-12, and MeOH and CH(2)Cl(2) extracts from the aerial parts of Baccharis linnearis, Baccharis magellanica, and Baccharis umbelliformis collected in Chile were assayed as growth inhibitory activity in ranges of 10-500 microM and 0.1-150 ppm, respectively. The effects on seedling growth,(More)
APPLICATIONS J. A. Boluda1 F. Pardo1 T. Kayser2 J. J. P erez1 J. Pelechano1 1Institut de Rob otica. Universitat de Val encia, Val encia, Spain 2Fachhochschule Mannheim, Mannheim, Germany ABSTRACT A foveated camera has been designed and fabricated. The camera is implemented using a new foveated CMOS sensor which incorporates a log-polar transformation. This(More)