Fernando Pagotto Carneiro

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BACKGROUND Knowledge of allele and haplotype frequencies of the human leukocyte antigen (HLA) system is important in the search for unrelated bone marrow donors. The Brazilian population is very heterogeneous and the HLA system is highly informative of populations because of the high level of polymorphisms. AIM The aim of this study was to characterize(More)
Vaccines play an essential role in keeping humans healthy. Innovative approaches to their use include the utilization of plasmid DNA encoding sequences to express foreign antigens. DNAhsp65 from Mycobacterium leprae is suitable for this purpose due to its ability to elicit a powerful immune response. Controlled release systems represent a promising approach(More)
OBJECTIVES The objective of this study was to evaluate the association between estimated human papillomavirus (HPV) viral load and abnormal cytology on anal samples. METHODS Anal cytological samples of 42 HIV-positive patients were analysed by conventional cytology and Hybrid Capture II. RESULTS On cytology, 30.95% (13 of 42) anal samples were positive(More)
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