Fernando Ochoa-Cortés

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We recorded whole-cell ion currents induced by gamma-aminobutyric acid (I(GABA)) and serotonin (I(5-HT)) to investigate and characterize putative interactions between GABA(A) and 5-HT(3) receptors in myenteric neurons from the guinea pig small intestine. I(GABA) and I(5-HT) were inhibited by bicuculline and ondansetron, respectively. Currents induced by the(More)
The three most common Cys-loop receptors expressed by myenteric neurons are nACh, 5-HT3 and GABAA . To investigate the function of these proteins researchers have used channel inhibitors such as hexamethonium (antagonist of nACh receptors), ondansetron (antagonist of 5-HT3 receptors), picrotoxin and bicuculline (both antagonists of GABAA receptors). The aim(More)
Here we characterized the cross-inhibitory interactions between nicotinic and P2X receptors of celiac neurons from the guinea pig by recording whole-cell currents induced by 1mM ACh (I(ACh)), 1mM ATP (I(ATP)) and by the simultaneous application of both agonists (I(ACh)(+ATP)). I(ACh) and I(ATP) were inhibited by hexamethonium (nicotinic channel blocker) and(More)
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