Fernando Noguerales Fraguas

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INTRODUCTION Intussusception in adults accounts for less than 5% of all intussusceptions. It occurs when a segment of intestine invaginates into itself. PRESENTATION OF A CASE We report a case of ileocolic intussusception in an adult caused by a giant ileal lipoma. DISCUSSION Intussusceptions can be classified as ileocolic, ileocecal, colo-colic and(More)
Epiploon grafts were made into the resected hepatic hilum of dogs with the aim of creating anastomosis between the intrahepatic and epiploic lymphatic systems. Various hepatic enzymes were observed over a three month period, and then a histopathological study of the grafted area was made. This type of graft was also applied to rabbits, after tying off the(More)
Discrepancies in the five-year survival rates after treatment of gastric cancer between the West and the East have been attributed to differences in the biological behavior of the tumor or in the incidence of early cancer. Alternatively, the better staging system and the national standardization of the diagnosis and treatment used in the East may explain(More)
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