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Activation of the mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinase pathway in nucleated cells is dependent on both growth factor receptors and integrins engaged in cell adhesion. Human platelets are an interesting model for studying cell adhesion and the involvement of integrin engagement on extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK) activation, independently from(More)
PURPOSE To compare the initial mechanical characteristics of 4 systems used to fix tendons to the femur during anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. METHODS A total of 32 porcine femurs were used to study the following fixation systems: Bioabsorbable interference screw (Stryker, Kalamazoo, MI), Bio-Transfix Cross-pin (Arthrex, Naples, FL), Biosteon(More)
It has been possible to consider how delivery should be carried out in view of the progress that has been made handling scarred uteruses. Over 21 months 41 tests of uterine function have been authorized in our department out of 67 cases where there were two scars in the uterus (67%). 26 patients delivered vaginally (63.4%) and 5 had Caesarean sections(More)
Over a period of 38 months, from October 1, 1987 to December 31, 1990, 418 surgical hysteroscopies were carried out following systematic pre-operative hysteroscopy. Two-hundred and eighty-two patients presenting with a benign intercavitary lesion were treated by transcervical endo-uterine resection (EUR). The efficacy of the surgical method was assessed(More)
Between 1985 and 1988, 10 female patients between the ages of 35 and 76 years, suffering from dysuria after surgical correction of urinary stress incontinence (7 sub-urethral bands, 3 colposuspensions) were observed. The abnormality of the course of the urethra compressed anteriorly against the symphysis pubis, observed on clinical examination and on(More)
The authors assess the potential of conservative treatment in a series of cases of ovarian cancer. Surgical evaluation is essential, in order to confirm that the conditions required for conservative treatment are present. The tumor must be a stage IA tumor, with a low histoprognostic score and small in size. Conservative treatment must be proposed in cases(More)
The authors investigate the effects of preinduction by administering 600 mg of mifepristone (RU486) per os before medical termination of pregnancy during the third to ninth months of pregnancy by intravenous sulprostone (Nalador). The study included a population of 35 patients treated with RU486 and then Nalador versus a population of 38 patients treated(More)
The explosion of procedures for medically assisted parenthood (MAP) has resulted in a previously little known type of pregnancy: triple pregnancies. In order to assess the current obstetrical and pediatric situation, the authors have carried out a major retrospective, multicenter survey in France concerning the triple pregnancies from 1987 to 1988: 156 case(More)