Fernando Muñoz

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OBJECTIVE To assess the healing process after flap or flapless surgery in immediate implant placement. MATERIAL AND METHODS This study was carried out on five Beagle dogs. Four implants were placed in the lower jaw in each dog immediately after tooth extraction. Flap surgery was performed before the extraction on one side (control), and flapless on the(More)
Although Calcium Phosphate Cements (CPC) are highly biocompatible and osteconductive materials, its resorption rate still remains too slow for some applications. In this work the introduction of Macroporosity in an injectable CPC is evaluated as a way to accelerate resorption and to increase bone ingrowth. A Macroporous and a standard CPC were injected just(More)
The role of T-cells in clearance of hepatitis C virus (HCV) during acute infection is critical. The relevance of the immunological response in the control of HCV replication is less clear in chronic HCV infection. HCV-specific T-cell responses were examined in 92 interferon-naive individuals with chronic hepatitis C. A panel of 441 overlapping peptides(More)
OBJECTIVE to evaluate early osseointegration of dental implants installed with two different drilling protocols. MATERIAL AND METHODS thirty-six cylindrical shape Mozo Grau implants, with a diameter of 3.75 and 11 mm long, were placed into the distal condyle (submerged) of each femur of 18 New Zealand rabbits. In the control group, a 3.3 mm diameter drill(More)
LIM domains-containing protein 1 (LIMD1) is encoded at chromosome 3p21.3, a region commonly deleted in many solid malignancies. However, the function of LIMD1 is unknown. Here we show that LIMD1 specifically interacts with retinoblastoma protein (pRB), inhibits E2F-mediated transcription, and suppresses the expression of the majority of genes with(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of the topical application of melatonin on osteointegration of dental implants in Beagle dogs 14 days after their insertion. In preparation for subsequent insertion of dental implants, upper and lower premolars and molars were extracted from 12 Beagle dogs. Each mandible received cylindrical screw implants of(More)
AIM To describe the histological and clinical outcomes of the use of a xenogeneic collagen matrix (CM) in combination with the coronally advanced flap (CAF) in the treatment of localized Miller class-I gingival recessions. MATERIAL AND METHODS Gingival recession defects were surgically created on 12 minipigs. The defects were randomly treated with either(More)
A dog presented with cutaneous nodules, enlarged lymph nodes and oedema in limbs, face and abdomen. The diagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis was established by identification of Leishmania amastigotes within macrophages from skin and popliteal lymph node biopsies. At necropsy, lesions were found in different organs, but it was particularly striking to(More)
Endoscopic treatment with the duodenal-jejunal bypass liner (DJBL) leads to significant weight loss in obese patients. We sought to identify clinical factors associated with weight loss in obese patients treated with the DJBL for 1 year. Subjects with morbid obesity were enrolled in a single-arm, open-label, prospective trial and implanted with the DJBL.(More)