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Hkx2 (hexokinase 2) from Saccharomyces cerevisiae was one of the first metabolic enzymes described as a multifunctional protein. Hxk2 has a double subcellular localization: it functions as a glycolytic enzyme in the cytoplasm and as a regulator of gene transcription of several Mig1-regulated genes in the nucleus. To get more insights into the(More)
  • Celia Prior, Jose Luis Perez-Gracia, Jesus Garcia-Donas, Cristina Rodriguez-Antona, Elizabeth Guruceaga, Emilio Esteban +18 others
  • 2014
PURPOSE To identify tissue microRNAs predictive of sunitinib activity in patients with metastatic renal-cell-carcinoma (MRCC) and to evaluate in vitro their mechanism of action in sunitinib resistance. METHODS We screened 673 microRNAs using TaqMan Low-density-Arrays (TLDAs) in tumors from MRCC patients with extreme phenotypes of marked efficacy and(More)
Mig2 has been described as a transcriptional factor that in the absence of Mig1 protein is required for glucose repression of the SUC2 gene. Recently it has been reported that Mig2 has two different subcellular localizations. In high-glucose conditions it is a nuclear modulator of several Mig1-regulated genes, but in low-glucose most of the Mig2 protein(More)
We study how the orientation of the optic axis affects single-scattering properties for small, birefringent calcite particles simulated using DDSCAT 7.1.1. We consider two irregular model particles, a flake and a rhomboid, in either a (i) fixed or (ii) random orientation. Simulations are performed for three volume-equivalent radii of 0.1, 0.45, and 1.0 μm.(More)
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