Fernando Moreira da Silva

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This study was conducted on the effects of vitrification cryotop method on gene expression of mature oocytes in Mus musculus. Transcript analyses of three mouse genes, namely Mater, Hook1 and Sod1, were performed upon non-vitrified and vitrified oocytes with different concentrations of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) and ethylene glycol (EG),15%: 7.5% DMSO + 7.5%(More)
Iodinated DNA minor groove binding bibenzimidazoles represent a unique class of UVA photosensitizer and their extreme photopotency has been previously characterized. Earlier studies have included a comparison of three isomers, referred to as ortho-, meta- and para-iodoHoechst, which differ only in the location of the iodine substituent in the phenyl ring of(More)
Gene expression is required for understanding bovine oocytes meiotic maturation as well as the potential of embryonic development. In the present study a standardized reagent protocol for total RNA extraction was designed for bovine oocytes and embryos, which is considered specific and less expensive. For such purpose oocytes (n = 795) recovered from about(More)
This paper presents a study which objective was to investigate the human interaction with the equipment of an office workstation (mouse, keyboard, monitor, paper sheets, pens and calculator) during the activities of reading, writing, data entry and navigation in a computer system for long periods of time and with ecological validation. A sample of 22800(More)
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