Fernando Montes Gonzalez

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In previous research we have demonstrated a computational model of the intrinsic circuitry of the vertebrate basal ganglia based on the proposal that these central brain structures play an important role in action selection. The current work embeds this model within the control architecture of a Khepera mobile robot allowing action selection between(More)
Repetitive activation of skeletal muscle fibers leads to a reduced transmembrane K+ gradient. The resulting membrane depolarization has been proposed to play a major role in the onset of muscle fatigue. Nevertheless, raising the extracellular K+ ( $$ {\text{K}}_{\text{o}}^{ + } $$ ) concentration ( $$ [ {\text{K}}^{ + } ]_{\text{o}} $$ ) to 10 mM(More)
The role of methionine residues on the fast inactivation of the sodium channel from toad skeletal muscle fibers was studied with the mild oxidant chloramine-T (CT). Isolated segments of fibers were voltage clamped in a triple Vaseline® gap chamber. Sodium current was isolated by replacing potassium ions by tetramethylammonium ions in the external and(More)
Endemic goiter remains a serious public health problem and 75 % of people affected live in underdeveloped countries where treatment is difficult for various reasons. The aim of this article is to report our experience in African countries with the management and surgical treatment of endemic goiter, performed in a nonhospital setting and without general(More)
The burden of disease and mortality associated with inguinal hernia in Africa, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, is very high. The purpose of this study is to show that International Cooperation work in the field of hernia repair is effective; it minimizes the delay in hernia repairs in the targeted population, and can prevent a large number of(More)
An evaluation of the Technicon Axon analyser was carried out following the guidelines of the 'Sociedad Española de Química Clínica' and the European Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards.A photometric study revealed acceptable results at both 340 nm and 404 nm. Inaccuracy and imprecision were lower at 404 nm than at 340 nm, although poor dispersion(More)
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