Fernando Michelotti

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The dynamic interplay between preparation, handling, containment, and analysis of ultrapure chemical standards and reagents for the clinical chemistry laboratory is described. Inorganic as well as organic standards are reviewed. The contamination problems associated with water, acids, and solvents in trace-element analysis are defined and resolved. In(More)
Landscape dynamics result from forestry and farming practices, both of which are expected to have diverse impacts on ecosystem services (ES). In this study, we investigated this general statement for regulating and supporting services via an assessment of ecosystem functions: climate regulation via carbon sequestration in soil and plant biomass, water cycle(More)
The authors report a case of Kawasaki disease observed in a 3-years and 6-months-old girl, with pericardial effusion and premature cardiac beats. The pericardial effusion disappeared after gamma-globulin i.v. treatment (2 gr/kg); the premature cardiac beats, although progressively reducing, completely disappeared only after 6 months.
From the Research Division, J. T. Baker Chemical Co., Phillipsburg, N. J. 08865. 1 Paper IV in the series “The Practical Analysis of High-Purity Chemicals.” Presented at the 22nd National Meeting of the AACC, Buffalo, N.Y., July 1970. Received April22, 1971; accepted June 3, 1971. Calcium carbonate Lithium carbonate Magnesium acetate Potassium chloride(More)
The authors present two case-studies of achalasia in infancy and the emphasize the rarity of the illness in this stage of life. They point out that a correct diagnosis requires a meticulous anamnesis which should be followed by a radiological, endoscopic and manometric study. The authors discuss their therapeutical experience with Nifedipine and they(More)
The study of bile acids in the newborn permits to the AA. to point out that the beginning of the feeding does not influence the "physiologic cholestasis" of the first days of life. Neonatal cholestasis is the expression of the immaturity of bile acids synthesis and hepatic and intestinal carriage, which is not correlated with the maternal conditions.(More)
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