Fernando Merchan

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Passenger flow modeling and station dwelling time estimation are significant elements for railway mass transit planning, but system operators usually have limited information to model the passenger flow. In this paper, an artificial-intelligence technique known as fuzzy logic is applied for the estimation of the elements of the origin-destination matrix and(More)
This paper shows the results from the computation cost evaluation of three blind source separation algorithms. The algorithms tested were: FastICA, Adaptive Algorithm Based on Natural Gradient, and Adaptive EASI Based on Relative Gradient. The algorithms were chosen for their relative simplicity, and taking into account their hardware implementation(More)
There is much interest in the application of subspace-based signal processing techniques for wavefield imaging of scatterers from the scattering matrix [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7]. These approaches are part of the modern focus on so-called “qualitative” methods in inverse scattering [8]. Most of these methods are valid in the exact(More)
In this paper, we propose a new method to compute the parameters of finite approximations of 2-D MA infinite models associated with purely indeterministic stationary fields, by using spectral factorizations. This method is developed in the framework of model based approaches for texture analysis and synthesis. The proposed parameter estimation method is(More)
The paper first deals with the design of Rayleigh fading channel simulators based on a Moving Average (MA) model. We present a new approach to estimate the model parameters based on the inner-outer factorization. The core of the approach consists of assimilating an infinite-order MA model to the outer spectral factor of the channel power spectral density(More)
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