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QoS adaptation is an important process in inter-domain service mana g ement, since it can g uarantee the correct service provisionin g when unexpected events occur. However, in inter-domain environments, the human interference and the manual-based operations hamper the deployment of expeditious mechanisms to adapt the QoS of the services. This paper(More)
Cooperation among service providers, network providers, and access providers in the Internet allows the creation of new services to offer to customers that are in other domains, thus increasing revenue. However, the Internet heterogeneous environment, where each provider has its own policies, infrastructure and business goals, hinders the deployment of more(More)
In this paper we propose a new solution to increase the security of BGP/MPLS IP VPNs established across multiple domains. In general, layer 3 VPNs already present a number of security risks when used in single domain scenarios, since they are vulnerable to attacks originated inside the provider backbone. In order to overcome these risks, IPSec tunnels are(More)
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