Fernando Machado

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One of the main issues faced within the Functional Size Measurement (FSM) community is the convertibility issue between FSM methods. A particular attention during last years was devoted to find a mathematical function for converting IFPUG functional size units to the newer COSMIC ones. Moving from the data sets and experiences described in previous studies,(More)
Since 1984 the International Function Point Users Group (IFPUG) has produced and maintained a set of standards and technical documents about a functional size measurement methods, known as IFPUG, based on Albrecht Fuction Points. On the other hand, in 1998, the Common Software Measurement International Consortium (COSMIC) proposed an improved measurement(More)
Irrigation channels are large, spatially distributed structures in which wave propagation phenomena occur. Due to this, when control design is based on lumped parameter approximation models, the interaction among different sections has to be taken into account. On the other way, multivariable control demands the centralization of the information provided by(More)
SUMMARY Technological developments and the trend to go higher and higher in frequency give rise to the need for true space–time rain field models for testing the dynamics of fade countermeasures. There are many models that capture the spatial correlation of rain fields. Worth mentioning are those models based on cell ensembles. However, the rain rate fields(More)