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The adoption of business processes to design business activities is becoming a reality to a significant number of companies. In addition, the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is being used in diverse situations for the execution of business processes using computational resources. In this context, the need of business process automation appears with high(More)
In this work, we discuss appropriate formalisms to account for the representation of mathematical ontologies, and, particularly, the problems for employing Description Logics (DL) for the task.DL has proven to be not expressive enough to such tasks, because it cannot represent, for instance, simple numerical constraints, except of cardinality constraints(More)
The use of business process standards to model and execute business needs is growing rapidly. In addition, Service-oriented Computing has been adopted to realize business processes, which basically consists of executing the process activities using services available in the Internet. In this context, the importance of security is apparent, because sensitive(More)
Cloud computing has been established as a remarkable business model that allows the outsourcing of processing, memory, storage, and networking provided by cloud infrastructures. Cloud applications require computing resources being promptly available to serve the on-demand load. If resources are not available to meet user requests, service dependability and(More)
In the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Systems, faults can cause severe degradation on the performance of this system. Thus, modelling the performance of EFT system without considering dependability aspects can cause inaccurate results. This paper presents a stochastic model for evaluating performance of processing and storage infrastructures of the EFT(More)
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