Fernando López-Romero

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The design and development of any complex applications using a Model-driven Engineering approach involve not only the use of many models, but also the use of many model transformations between them. These transformations should be chained together, using Model Transformation Orchestration notations and tools. This paper introduces Wires*, a graphical(More)
Los sistemas software son cada vez más complejos y ello hace que analizarlos y evaluarlos adecuadamente sea una tarea de dificultad creciente. Un problema al que nos enfrentamos es cómo entender y razonar sobre la estructura y organización de sistemas de software complejos, en particular aquellos basados en componentes. Frecuentemente la semántica
This paper illustrates the use of high-level domain specific models to specify and test some performance properties of complex systems , in particular Communication Networks, using a lightweight approach. By following a Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) approach, we show the benefits of constructing very abstract models of the systems under test, which can(More)
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