Fernando Jorge Hernández

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The use of certain applications for touch-based mobile devices can prove to be difficult for intellectually challenged people. By performing tests and gathering user feedback, great difficulty has been detected in the use of various applications due to their complicated interfaces. The authors propose a set of guidelines, aimed at developers, to help design(More)
This article presents a work in progress system for helping people who are suffering from disorientation episodes outside their houses, such as with their family. This is a WIP (Work In Progress). The system is based on modern smartphones and their capacity, using GPS, to locate the user on a map, as well as featuring computing power and Internet connection(More)
An optic-ultrastructural study is realized, emphazising the presence of: a) Intermediate lymphocytes, that we interpret as T-activated; b) Activated endothelial cells (prominent, rich in Weibel-Palade's bodies, well developed nuclei- and cytoskeletons); c) Classic and native myofibroblasts, partially responsible for the cicatricial contraction. We postulate(More)
In this paper, we will present a study concerning the understanding of the needs of people using Internet in order to access to multilingual information. In fact, in the framework of AMIS (Accessing Multilingual Information and opinionS), a Chist-Era project, we propose to develop a system which will help to understand the main idea of a video in a foreign(More)