Fernando Jiménez

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The aims of this study were to assess changes in muscle architecture, isometric and dynamic strength of the leg extensor muscles, resulting from dynamic resistance training, and the relationships between strength and muscle architecture variables. The participants (n = 30) were randomly assigned to one of two groups. The training group (n = 16; age 21.8 +/-(More)
Evolutionary algorithms to design fuzzy rules from data for systems modeling have received much attention in recent literature. Many approaches are able to find highly accurate fuzzy models. However, these models often contain many rules and are not transparent. Therefore, we propose several objectives dealing with transparency and compactness besides the(More)
In this paper mathematical programming problems with fuzzy constraints are dealt with. Fuzzy solutions are obtained by means of a parametric approach in conjunction with evolutionary techniques. Some relevant characteristics of the evolutionary algorithm are for instance a real-coded representation of solutions and the preselection scheme as niche formation(More)
OBJECTIVE This paper presents a novel rule-based fuzzy classification methodology for survival/mortality prediction in severe burnt patients. Due to the ethical aspects involved in this medical scenario, physicians tend not to accept a computer-based evaluation unless they understand why and how such a recommendation is given. Therefore, any fuzzy(More)
BACKGROUND The ligament sprain of the lateral ankle is the most frequent injury that occurs when participating in sports. Whole body vibration (WBV) is a training method that has been recently introduced as a rehabilitative tool for treatment of athletes. It has been hypothesized that the transmission of mechanical oscillations from the vibrating platform(More)
The Solid Transportation Problem arises when bounds are given on three item properties. Usually, these properties are source, destination and mode of transport (conveyance), and may be given in an interval way. This paper deals with solid transportation problems in which the data in the constraint set are expressed in an interval form, i.e. when sources,(More)
BACKGROUND Evidence regarding the safety profile of drugs may vary depending on study sponsorship. We aimed to evaluate differences between studies funded by the pharmaceutical manufacturer of the drug (PF) and those with no pharmaceutical funding (NoPF) regarding the finding and interpretation of adverse effects of inhaled corticosteroids. METHODS We(More)