Fernando J. Wong

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(a) Detail level 1 (b) Detail level 2 (c) Detail level 3 Figure 1: Continuous line illustration of a plane image generated with three levels of detail. Abstract This paper introduces a method for automatically generating continuous line illustrations, drawings consisting of a single line, from a given input image. Our approach begins by inferring a graph(More)
A method for automatically generating a picture maze from two different images is introduced throughout this paper. The process begins with the extraction of salient contours and edge tangent flow information from the primary image in order to build the overall maze. Thus, mazes with passages flowing in the main edge directions and walls that effectively(More)
This paper focuses on the problem of designing and generating illustrations that portray a given scene with a single non-intersecting line. In this approach, users partition an image into regions, assigning a type or style to each of them. Next, a grid is generated over the drawing space, based on the parameters specified for each region. The illustration(More)
A hierarchical approach for designing continuous line illustrations, drawings that consist of a single line, is presented throughout this paper. Users specify a graph that will guide the overall shape of the line illustration, and proceed to assign a series of child graphs to many of its vertices. A line illustration can then be generated by taking all of(More)
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