Fernando Huerta

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The objective of this paper is to analyse the influence of a non-ideal grid over hysteresis controllers of converters connected to the grid through both L and LCL filters. The paper will describe the different possible configurations in both cases, analysing the effect of a general R-L grid. Limit values for both grid inductance and resistance are given for(More)
This paper describes a communication architecture for a digital controller based on DSP-FPGA to be used in power electronic systems. For high rate transmissions, the proposed architecture has an USB bus implemented with a minimum use of the DSP core, using enhanced direct memory access and external memory interface modules of a TMS320C6713 high performance(More)
This work presents a recursive algorithm to estimate the grid equivalent impedance and generator from the current and voltage measurements performed in the common coupling point, PCC, of a power converter. The method is based in a recursive least squares algorithm performed over the complex space. The described method works on-line, has low computational(More)
Two of the most important solutions in position estimation are compared, in this paper, in order to test their efficiency in a multi-tracking application in an unstructured and complex environment. A particle filter is extended and adapted with a clustering process in order to track a variable number of objects. The other approach is to use a Kalman filter(More)
The paper proposes a multivariable identification method to identify the discrete state-space model of a grid-connected voltage-source converter and LCL filter. The method is based in one of the so-called subspace identification methods: the N4SID method. That kind of methods are based on the QR and the Singular Values decompositions and works with(More)
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