Fernando Gutiérrez

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This paper analyses the effect of the propagation environment on the theoretical performance of the downlink transmit diversity techniques specified in the standard of the UTRA FDD mode. These techniques are classified as open loop and closed loop modes. Simulation results, obtained via a C simulator of the physical layer of UMTS, show the negative effect(More)
Because of the enormous economic and social impact of cardiovascular disease in the United States, there is a need for improved noninvasive diagnosis. Cardiac MR imaging is a versatile, comprehensive technique for assessing cardiac morphology and function. With an understanding of cardiac anatomy and physiology as well as MR physical principles, cardiac MR(More)
In this work, a new approach for robotics self-location using constrained genetic algorithms is proposed. The model uses a location estimation stage based on Kalman filters so as to redefine the search space and finds the most accurate current position of a robot. Experiments show the promise of the method to predict for robotic applications.
Tailbiting convolutional codes will be used for several applications in new cellular mobile radio systems. This encoding method does not reset the encoder memory at the end of each data block, avoiding the overhead of the zero tail and improving the efficiency, especially when encoding short data blocks. Nevertheless, the absence of a known tail highly(More)