Fernando Goncalves

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WITH INTERNATIONAL reserves four times as large, in terms of their GDP, as in the early 1990s, emerging market countries seem more protected than ever against shocks to their current and capital accounts. Some have argued that this buildup in reserves might be warranted as insurance against the increased volatility of capital flows associated with financial(More)
The adaptability of freshwater organisms to brackish conditions is important to understand the resilience of freshwaters to saline intrusion, a phenomenon that may affect vulnerable freshwater habitats. Bearing this in mind, this study intended to assess if there are genetically determined differences in the tolerance of stenohaline cladocerans in 21-day(More)
To Sílvia, my wife. Declaration I declare that this thesis was composed by myself and that the work contained therein is my own, except where explicitly stated otherwise in the text. Abstract We consider the Cauchy problem for a second-order parabolic PDE in half spaces, arising from the stochastic modelling of a multidimensional European financial option.(More)
Temperature is a determinant environmental variable in metabolic rates of organisms ultimately influencing important physiological and behavioural features. Stressful conditions such as increasing temperature, particularly within high ranges occurring in the summer, have been suggested to induce flotation behaviour in Corbicula fluminea which may be(More)
Competition is a major driving force in freshwaters, especially given the cyclic nature and dynamics of pelagic food webs. Competition is especially important in the initial species assortment during colonization and re-colonization events, which depends strongly on the environmental context. Subtle changes, such as saline intrusion, may disrupt competitive(More)
In order to regulate the management of contaminated land, many countries have been deriving soil screening values (SSV). However, the ecotoxicological data available for uranium is still insufficient and incapable to generate SSVs for European soils. In this sense, and so as to make up for this shortcoming, a battery of ecotoxicological assays focusing on(More)
The influence of the cation's central atom in the behavior of pairs of ammonium- and phosphonium-based ionic liquids was investigated through the measurement of densities, viscosities, melting temperatures, activity coefficients at infinite dilution, refractive indices, and toxicity against Vibrio fischeri. All the properties investigated are affected by(More)
The invasive clam Corbicula fluminea causes severe environmental and economic impacts in invaded sites and fouled water-dependent industries. The biological control of invasive species has potential as an effective, safe and low-cost tool. The potential of using direct (clam consumption) and indirect approaches (predator-avoidance behaviour) to control the(More)
UNLABELLED The laminoplasty technique was devised by Hirabayashi in 1978 for patients diagnosed with multilevel cervical spondylotic myelopathy. OBJECTIVE To describe an easy modification of Hirabayashi's method and present the clinical and radiological results from a five-year follow-up study. METHOD AND RESULTS Eighty patients had 5 levels of(More)
High-level synthesis (HLS) is an automated design process that deals with the generation of behavioral hardware descriptions from high-level algorithmic specifications. The main benefit of this approach is that ever-increasing system-on-chip (SoC) design complexity and ever-shorter time-to-market can still be both manageable and achievable. This advantage,(More)