Fernando Gallego

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Awareness is defined as the perception of the activities being carried out by members of a team in a given context. The use of awareness support techniques reduces the effort needed to realize communicative and collaborative tasks. Therefore, this leads to an increase in group work productivity. In this article we propose a conceptual framework which(More)
GRAPPA is one of the predominant methods used to reconstruct accelerated parallel MRI data. In has been shown previously that spatially varying the GRAPPA reconstruction coefficients can be advantageous. A significant problem with these approaches, however, is an increase in computation time due to an increase in the number of linear system solves needed.(More)
  • F Gallego, Lupi A~ Nez, Depto Geometr ¶ ³a Y Topolog, a Fac, Matem, Aticas
  • 2004
The basic concepts of the theory of intuitionistic fuzzy topo-logical spaces have been de¯ned by D. C »oker and co-workers. In this paper, we de¯ne new notions of Hausdor®ness in the intuitionistic fuzzy sense, and obtain some new properties, in particular on convergence. The introduction of "intuitionistic fuzzy sets" is due to K.T. Atana-ssov [1], and(More)
Neuronal excitability is mediated mainly by voltage-gated ion channels (VGICs), which include voltage-gated Na + , K + , and Cl − channels located along the axon and at neuronal synapses. Voltage-gated channels play pivotal roles in the proper functioning of the nervous system because they set the resting membrane potential, initiate and propagate action(More)
In this paper, we present some algorithms for unconstrained convex optimization problems. The development and analysis of these methods is carried out in a Banach space setting. We begin by introducing a general framework for achieving global convergence without Lipschitz conditions on the gradient, as usual in the current literature. This paper is an(More)
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