Fernando Gallego

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BACKGROUND The analysis of the genomes of hepatitis B virus (HBV) identifies phylogenetic variants called genotypes, which may lead to distinct biological and clinical behaviors. OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to describe the current molecular epidemiology and genetic diversity of HBV in Córdoba, Argentina. STUDY DESIGN A total of 52 HBV samples,(More)
Awareness is defined as the perception of the activities being carried out by members of a team in a given context. The use of awareness support techniques reduces the effort needed to realize communicative and collaborative tasks. Therefore, this leads to an increase in group work productivity. In this article we propose a conceptual framework which(More)
This paper presents a cabin car communication system (CCCS) to improve the communication among passengers inside a car. Noise, distance between speakers and many other factors make difficult to maintain a conversation inside a car. The CCCS picks up the speech of each passenger, amplifies it, and uses the car loudspeaker system to return it into the cabin.(More)
GRAPPA is one of the predominant methods used to reconstruct accelerated parallel MRI data. In has been shown previously that spatially varying the GRAPPA reconstruction coefficients can be advantageous. A significant problem with these approaches, however, is an increase in computation time due to an increase in the number of linear system solves needed.(More)
Over the past few years, a great deal of work has been done in the field of collaborative software (groupware). Many fields of science have taken advantage of these developments, and Software Engineering is one such field. Within this scope, we have developed a domain independent synchronous collaborative tool that can be specialized to work with several(More)
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