Fernando Galarraga

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We have developed a low-cost wireless monitoring system, that enables air quality referential parameters measurements based on a multilayer distributed model with an Arduino platform. This is an Internet of Things application, of which a physical object is embedded with electronics, software, sensors and wireless connectivity to allow monitoring air(More)
Congestion of vehicular traffic in the cities with the highest population density results into a high amount of accidents and also to imminent road violence above average. Facing this problem, our study intends to implement a low-cost Internet of Thing proposal, in order to monitor and analyze traffic circulation and provide solutions to reduce the above(More)
The use of bacteria to remove sulfur from crude oil or petroleum distillates is a novel concept that presents an alternative biotechnology to the current technology of hydrodesulfurization (HDS). Sulfur must be removed from crude oils prior use. The burning of fossil fuels containing sulfur releases sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere causing acid rain. The(More)
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