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HER2 is overexpressed in about 30% of feline mammary carcinomas (FMC) and in 15-30% of breast cancers. Women with HER2-positive breast tumors are associated with shorter survival. This study aimed to optimize the detection and quantification of serum HER2 (sHER2) in cats and to evaluate its potential in diagnosing cats with mammary carcinomas (MC)(More)
Web users tend to focus their attention on stream data rather than on archival one. In an XML stream environment, data arrive continuously, which means that queries must be evaluated for producing results on the fly. Thus, it is crucial to count on algorithms that efficiently evaluate multiple queries, usually expressed in terms of keywords, over several(More)
Four cases of tumors in which cell internalization was frequently visualized are reported: one feline mammary carcinoma, one feline cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma, one canine pulmonary squamous cell carcinoma and one canine pleural mesothelioma. Cell internalization was observed by cytology in two of these cases (the feline mammary tumour and the pleural(More)
models have been crucial to increase knowledge about oncogenic mechanisms but due to the limitations of rodents and cell culture approaches, they are viewed as artificial models, whereas the spontaneous tumors in pets are empirically considered to be a more powerful and reliable tool. With the publication and full annotation of cat's genome [1], researchers(More)
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