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T he metabolic syndrome has received increased attention in the past few years. This statement from the American Heart Association (AHA) and the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) is intended to provide up-to-date guidance for professionals on the diagnosis and management of the metabolic syndrome in adults. The metabolic syndrome is a(More)
Astronauts returning from space have reduced red blood cell masses, hypovolaemia and orthostatic intolerance, marked by greater cardio-acceleration during standing than before spaceflight, and in some, orthostatic hypotension and presyncope. Adaptation of the sympathetic nervous system occurring during spaceflight may be responsible for these postflight(More)
OBJECTIVE There are few studies regarding vitamin B12 deficiency in developing countries. In Brazil, a late diagnosis of vitamin B12 deficiency progressing to severe neurological damage is common. Thus, the aim of the present study was to verify the frequency of vitamin B12 deficiency in two Brazilian populations (elderly and adult participants) and to(More)
A detailed genome mapping analysis of 213,636 expressed sequence tags (EST) derived from nontumor and tumor tissues of the oral cavity, larynx, pharynx, and thyroid was done. Transcripts matching known human genes were identified; potential new splice variants were flagged and subjected to manual curation, pointing to 788 putatively new alternative splicing(More)
Inflammation, cell adhesion to vascular endothelium, and endothelial injury contribute to sickle cell anemia (SCA) vaso-occlusion. Although alterations in inflammatory cytokines and biomarkers have been related, reports have been conflicting, and a conclusive role for these molecules in the disease remains to be established. Furthermore, the effect of(More)
PURPOSE Axenfeld-Rieger (AR) is an autosomal dominant disorder with phenotypic heterogeneity characterized by anterior segment dysgenesis, facial bone defects, and redundant periumbilical skin. The PITX2 gene, on chromosome 4q25, and the FOXC1 gene, on chromosome 6p25, have been implicated in the different phenotypes of the syndrome through mutational(More)
BACKGROUND Lignocellulosic materials have been moved towards the forefront of the biofuel industry as a sustainable resource. However, saccharification and the production of bioproducts derived from plant cell wall biomass are complex and lengthy processes. The understanding of termite gut biology and feeding strategies may improve the current state of(More)
Some economists have suggested that the economic crises in East Asia were preceded by asset bubbles because of some nations' inadequate bank supervision and myopic (or even criminal) bank lending behavior. Others have developed an alternative approach based on Hyman Minsky's financial instability hypothesis: in this view, these nations have experienced(More)
Human papillomavirus is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases worldwide. The natural history of oral HPV infection is unclear, and its risk factors have not been explored. Immunocompromised individuals, as exemplified by HIV patients, are at high risk for HPV-related diseases. The mean of this study is to determine the prevalence of HPV in(More)