Fernando Félix

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A 7.25 m long male humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) with spondylitis was found beached on August 13, 1994 at Ancon, Ecuador (2 degrees 23' S, 80 degrees 47' W). The condition involved at least 11 vertebrae, 7 lumbar (L4 to L11) and 4 caudal (Ca1 to Ca4). Partial fusion of vertebrae was observed as a result of intervertebral bony proliferation, likely(More)
This paper documents an RFID simulation for the supply chain management in the dental industry in the UK. The paper starts with a preliminary analysis of the UK dental product industry followed by a literature review on topics of IT and Logistics and Technological innovation. A case study from UK dental industry is selected for the study and a supply chain(More)
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