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Pete Stieber is a senior staff analyst at Toyon Research. He holds both a BS and an MSEE from the University of Illinois and is Toyon's lead software developer for several programs related to GPS software and antenna programs. Steve Minarik serves as the Assistant Program Manager for Advanced Technology within the Navy's Navigation Systems Program Office.(More)
The inherent complexity in utilizing and programming high performance computing (HPC) systems is the main obstacle to widespread exploitation of HPC resources and technologies in the Department of Defense (DoD). Consequently, there is the persistent need to simplify the programming interface for the generic user. This need is particularly acute in the(More)
The effectiveness of eicatonin was assessed in a prospective study of patients with a diagnosis of postmenopausal/senile osteoporosis. In the first stage, 521 patients (490 women [mean time since menopause, 14.4 years] and 31 men; mean age, 61.4 years) with clinical evidence of osteoporosis were recruited. Bone mineral density (BMD) was measured in 486 of(More)
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