Fernando Enríquez

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In most tasks related to opinion mining and sentiment analysis, it is necessary to compute the semantic orientation (i.e., positive or negative evaluative implications) of certain opinion expressions. Recent works suggest that semantic orientation depends on application domains. Moreover, we think that semantic orientation depends on the specific targets(More)
The availability of extense tagged data corpus is an essential aspect in many NLP tasks. The effort required for tagging manually this large number of phrases has encouraged many researchers like us to create automatic applications for this issue. Our approach represents a completely automatic method (optionally applying a minimum effort) for enlarging an(More)
In this paper we investigate how to adapt the TextRank method to make it work in a supervised way. TextRank is a graph based method that applies the ideas of PageRank to NLP tasks. Our main contribution is the definition of a method that allows to apply TextRank to a graph that includes information generated from a training tagged corpus. We have compared(More)