Fernando Emmanuel Frati

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Twitter social network contains a large amount of information generated by its users. That information is composed of opinions and comments that may reflect trends in social behavior. There is talk of trend when it is possible to identify opinions and comments geared towards the same shared by a lot of people direction. To determine if two or more written(More)
Current hardware for compute intensive tasks includes a large amount of processing facilities which is sometimes hard to use in an optimized way. High performance computing (HPC) is always focused in solving grand challenge (or, at least, compute intensive) problems for which the response time is the priority. We have been working from two different but(More)
The challenge of improving the performance of current processors is achieved by increasing the integration scale. This carries a growing vulnerability to transient faults, which increase their impact on multicore clusters running large scientific parallel applications. The requirement for enhancing the reliability of these systems, coupled with the high(More)
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