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In order to take advantage of the significant benefits afforded by computational electromagnetic techniques, such as the finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method, solvers capable of analyzing realistic problems in a reasonable time frame are required. Although software-based solvers are frequently used, they are often too slow to be of practical use. To(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe the effectiveness of the Surviving Sepsis Campaign bundles with regard to both implementation and outcome in patients with septic shock and to determine the contribution of the various elements of the bundles to the outcome. DESIGN Quasi-experimental study with a historical comparison group. SETTING The three medical-surgical(More)
The Electronic Government is a new field of applications for the semantic web where ontologies are becoming an important research technology. The e-Government faces considerable challenges to achieve interoperability given the semantic differences of interpretation, complexity and width of scope. In this paper we present the results obtained in an ongoing(More)
Designing nanoscale devices presents a number of unique challenges. As device features shrink, the computational demands of the simulations necessary to accurately model them increase significantly. This is a result of not only the increasing level of detail in the device design itself, but also the need to use more accurate models. The approximations that(More)
Genotoxicity of three pesticides used in Costa Rican banana plantations. The in vitro genotoxic-ity of imazalil and thiabendazole fungicides and the insecticide chlorpyrifos, compounds used in Costa Rican banana plantations, was evaluated with the single-cell gel electrophoresis technique (comet assay). The comet assay is a simple, rapid and low cost(More)
No longer relegated to radio frequency (RF) engineers, antenna designers, and military applications, electromagnetic analysis has become a key factor in many areas of advanced technology. From 3 GHz PCs and wireless computer networks, to PDAs with Internet capabilities and the seemingly ubiquitous cell phone, it seems that electronic designs increasingly(More)
—Phase-locked loops (PLL) are widely used in power electronics equipment connected to the mains. The use of a square wave voltage-controlled oscillator instead of a sinusoidal one eliminates one multiplier, resulting in a simple PLL algorithm, suitable for low-cost processors. In spite of its simplicity, distorted grid voltages cause steady-state phase(More)