Fernando Díez-García

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An Arg-rich peptide called RIA7; sequence ac-ARAAAAAIRAIAAIIRAGGY-am, tetramerizes to form a well folded, four helix X-bundle protein. The Arg side chains are solvent exposed and the hydrophobic core is composed of the side chains from some Alas, all the Iles and the C-terminal Tyr. Since Gly, Ala and Ile, and in lesser amounts Arg and Tyr have been(More)
RNase A self-associates under certain conditions to form a series of domain-swapped oligomers. These oligomers show high catalytic activity against double-stranded RNA and striking antitumor actions that are lacking in the monomer. However, the dissociation of these metastable oligomers limits their therapeutic potential. Here, a widely used conjugating(More)
A series of bi- and tricyclic β-lactam compounds was synthesized and evaluated as inhibitors of cleavage of synthetic substrates in vitro by the serine proteases Human Leukocyte Elastase (HLE), Human Leukocyte Proteinase 3 (HLPR3) and Porcine Pancreatic Elastase (PPE). The obtained results have permitted us to describe a homobenzocarbacephem compound as HLE(More)
The first life on Earth is believed to have been based on RNA, but might have taken advantage of amino acids and short peptides which form readily under conditions like those of the primitive Earth. We have shown that simple peptides adopt specifically folded four-helix bundle structures that can recognize and cleave RNA. Here, to explore the limits of(More)
The capacity of three designed duodecamer peptides with the low diversity sequence: H1ϕ2I3K4I5D6G7K8ϕ9I10K11H12 where ϕ is His, Phe or Trp, to adopt a β-hairpin conformation was studied using NMR spectroscopy. Whereas KIAβH, the variant with His at positions two and nine, is disordered, KIAβF, the peptide with Phe at these positions, adopts a small(More)
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