Fernando Coutinho

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In Web-based education there is an emphasis on reusing and sharing instructional content due to the complexity of the development process of high-quality learning materials. It leads to the learning objects orientation as well as to partnerships among institutions to promote sharing of these objects. In order to allow local autonomy and less local effort(More)
Esta obra pertencente à Coleção Debates em Administração insere-se como um ponto de partida para os pesquisadores, das áreas de Estudos Organizacionais e Gestão de Pessoas, conhecerem quatro correntes teóricas, cujas metáforas – " Estratégica Corporativa " (perspectiva econômica); " Poder " (política); " Cultura " (sociológica); e " Afetividade "(More)
This paper presents a novel control architecture for controlling a moving remote center of motion in addition to the end-effector motion during robotic surgery. In minimally invasive surgery, it is common to require that the point at which the robot enters the body, called the incision point or the trocar, does not allow for any lateral motion. It is(More)
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