Fernando Correa

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Developing new population types based on interspecific introgressions has been suggested by several authors to facilitate the discovery of novel allelic sources for traits of agronomic importance. Chromosome segment substitution lines from interspecific crosses represent a powerful and useful genetic resource for QTL detection and breeding programs. We(More)
Magnetic anomalies may be used to constrain magma ascent and are useful as precursors to eruptions especially when correlated with other geophysical and geochemical data. In this paper we present multiparameter data on the magnetics, dome morphology, geochemistry and seismicity associated with the December 2000^January 2001 eruptions, the largest of the(More)
Unfortunately, the original version of this article contains a few errors. Figure 2 in the original publication, qSTH-2 and qSTH-8 is quite displaced, and the arrow for qSTH-8 is not shown. The corrected figure is shown in this erratum. Moreover, the third author, Hesham Agrama, has added another affiliation. His additional affiliation is: Department of(More)
Straighthead is a physiological disorder in rice that causes yield losses and is a serious threat to rice production worldwide. Identification of QTL conferring resistance will help develop resistant cultivars for straighthead control. We conducted linkage mapping to identify QTL involved with straighthead. The study was based on a F2 population developed(More)
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