Fernando Corfu

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The Vila de Cruces ophiolite is one of the ophiolitic units involved in the Variscan suture of the northwest Iberian Massif. This ophiolite consists of a tectonically repeated succession of greenschist facies volcanic rocks, common alternations of metasediments of pelitic or siliceous character, and scarce orthogneisses, metagabbros, and serpentinites. The(More)
[1] The Nordfjord area of western Norway hosts one of the best known provinces of ultrahigh-pressure (UHP) rocks in the world, yet the nature of the transition from the UHP rocks into surrounding amphibolite-facies crust has remained unclear. New thermobarometry of phengiteand kyanite-bearing eclogites shows that this transition is unbroken by major(More)
The magmatic activity (0-16 Ma) in Iceland is linked to a deep mantle plume that has been active for the past 62 My. Icelandic and northeast Atlantic basalts contain variable proportions of two enriched components, interpreted as recycled oceanic crust supplied by the plume, and subcontinental lithospheric mantle derived from the nearby continental margins.(More)
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