Fernando Cordera

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We seek to evaluate the clinical consequences of resistance to antihormonal therapy by studying analogous animal xenograft models. Two approaches were taken: (1) MCF-7 tumors were serially transplanted into selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM)-treated immunocompromised mice to mimic 5 years of SERM treatment. The studies in vivo were designed to(More)
BACKGROUND Mammary analog secretory carcinoma (MASC) was first described in 2010 by Skálová et al. This entity shares morphologic and immunohistochemical features with the secretory carcinoma (SC) of the breast. MASC usually presents as an asymptomatic mass in the parotid gland and predominantly affects men. This tumor is considered a low-grade carcinoma(More)
BACKGROUND Extraskeletal myxoid chondrosarcoma (EMC) accounts for the 3% of all soft tissue sarcomas and it's categorized as a tumour of uncertain differentiation. This entity has shown to have the recurrent balanced chromosomal translocation t(9;22) (q22;q12.2), which leads to the oncogenic fusion gene EWSR1-NR4A3. This sarcoma usually presents as a slow(More)
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