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Three-dimensional distribution of larval fish assemblages in an anticyclonic eddy in a semi-enclosed sea (Gulf of California)
Transects of CTD (to 1000 m) and zooplankton stations (to 200 m in 50 m strata) were made across an anticyclonic eddy in the southern Gulf of California during October 2007 to determine its influenceExpand
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Seasonal changes in larval fish assemblages in a semi-enclosed sea (Gulf of California)
The northern Gulf of California (NGC) is characterized by seasonal hydrography and circulation (cyclonic in summer and anticyclonic in winter), by intense tidal mixing in the midriff archipelagoExpand
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Distribution of fishes in the Río Guayalejo-Río Tamesí system and relationships with environmental factors in northeastern Mexico
A priority issue in ecology and biogeography is understanding the patterns in species diversity and the causal factors of their distribution, which allows the generation of information forExpand
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Efectos de un remolino de mesoescala sobre la distribución de larvas de peces mesopelágicas en el Golfo de California
We examined the effect of a mesoscale cyclonic eddy on the three-dimensional distribution of Vinciguerria lucetia and Diogenichthys laternatus in southern Gulf of California during July 2010. CTDExpand
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Effects of Geostrophic Kinetic Energy on the Distribution of Mesopelagic Fish Larvae in the Southern Gulf of California in Summer/Fall Stratified Seasons
Effects of geostrophic kinetic energy flux on the three-dimensional distribution of fish larvae of mesopelagic species (Vinciguerria lucetia, Diogenichthys laternatus, Benthosema panamense andExpand
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