Fernando Chicharro Esteban

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AIM The introduction of multimodal or fast track (FT) rehabilitation and laparoscopy in colorectal surgery has improved patient recovery and shortened hospital stay (HS). This study aimed to determine the influence of laparoscopic or open surgery on the postoperative recovery of colorectal cancer patients having a conventional care (CC) or FT protocol in(More)
BACKGROUND Major colorectal surgery usually requires a hospital stay of more than 12 days. Inadequate pain management, intestinal dysfunction and immobilisation are the main factors associated with delay in recovery. The present work assesses the short and medium term results achieved by an enhanced recovery program based on previously published protocols.(More)
This paper presents the main results of a study that relates information from the prison system with information from the Spanish Social Security in order to study the employability of the former inmates of prisons in Catalonia, Spain who obtained final release from 1/1/2004 to 31/12/2007. The results show that 43.6% of the ex-prisoners find a job after(More)
In 2008 he was diagnosed with a rectal adenocarcinoma (pT3N0M0) and villous adenoma at 11 and 4 cm from the anal margin, respectively. Short-course radiotherapy (25 Gy in 5 Gy daily fractions) was administered and the patient underwent anterior rectal resection plus perianal adenoma resection. During follow-up a positron emission tomograph was performed(More)
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