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Cultural change and loss of ethnoecological knowledge among the Isthmus Zapotecs of Mexico
BackgroundGlobal changes that affect local societies may cause the loss of ecological knowledge. The process of cultural change in Zapotec communities of the Oaxacan Isthmus intensified during theExpand
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Fitogeografia del valle de tehuacan - cuicatlan
The Tehuacan-Cuicatlan Valley Floristic Povince covers an area of approximately 10,000 km- , with ca. 630 genera and 1,400 species of vascular plants (Davila, 1983). Its climate is predominantlyExpand
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Especie nueva del género Megastigma (Rutaceae), del estado de Guerrero, México
ResumenSe describe e ilustra a Megastigma balsense, del bosque tropical caducifolio en la cuenca oriental del Río Balsas, Guerrero, México, como especie nueva para la ciencia. Es más afín a M.Expand
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Lista florística de la Lacandona, Chiapas
A list of 3,400 species of vascular plants from the Lacandona region in Chiapas, Mexico, is presented. This number comprises 78.8% of the total of species of vascular plants estimated for the region.Expand
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The confusion of Agave vivipara L. and A. angustifolia Haw., two distinct taxa
Agave vivipara L. andA. angustifolia Haw., considered conspecific by Wijnands, are shown to be two distinct species. A previous neotypification (as a lectotypification) ofA. angustifolia by Gentry isExpand
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Typification of Four North American Club-Chollas:the Names of Four Engelmannian Species from Mexico and Southwestern United States
Abstract: The names Opuntia bulbispina, O. clavata, O. emoryi and O. grahamii, originally proposed by George Engelmann between 1848 and 1856, are reviewed and typified after new findings ofExpand
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Taxonomic re-assessment of Phaseolus dasycarpus (Leguminosae): Systematic position, chromosome studies and re-description
AbstractBased on new information on floral structures, seedling, fruit, seed, root, and leaflet characters, Phaseolus dasycarpus is re-described and illustrated. Its chromosome number was determinedExpand
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