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PURPOSE The value of MRI and ultrasound in quantifying hepatic steatosis is assessed and the results compared with those obtained by liver biopsies. METHODS A total of 38 patients undergoing hepatic biopsy for a variety of liver diseases were recruited for this study. Hepatic fat morphology and severity were assessed visually in each biopsy specimen.(More)
Using data for 25,780 species categorized on the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List, we present an assessment of the status of the world's vertebrates. One-fifth of species are classified as Threatened, and we show that this figure is increasing: On average, 52 species of mammals, birds, and amphibians move one category closer to(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe and evaluate full-thickness skin grafting of equine wounds. STUDY DESIGN Case series. ANIMALS Adult horses (n=6). METHODS A full-thickness graft was harvested from the pectoral region with the horse anesthetized or standing and sedated after local anesthetic infiltration. Grafts were attached to the cutaneous margin of the wound(More)
The incorporation of several industrial wastes in ceramic matrixes had been attempted as an effective low expense technique for the fixation of metallic species in usable products or simply to reduce the residue volume for further disposal. However, the dominant mechanism of the inertization process and the relevant influent parameters are still unknown,(More)
In the present study we determined the effect of repeated administration of manganese chloride on the binding parameters of [3H]quinuclidinyl benzilate (3H-QNB) in striatum, frontal cortex, and hippocampus of mice. Daily intraperitoneal injections of manganese chloride (5 mg Mn/kg) 5 d/wk during 9 wk did not alter the receptor density (Bmax) and the(More)
We studied the levels of twenty two free amino acids in the striatum and olfactory bulb of mice treated during nine weeks with daily intraperitoneal injections of manganese chloride at a concentration of 5.0 mg Mn+2/kg body weight. In the olfactory bulb the contents of alanine, alpha-amino-n-butyrate, arginine, asparagine, aspartate, citrulline, GABA,(More)
We evaluated the contribution of an Alu insertion in BRCA2 exon 3 (c.156_157insAlu) to inherited predisposition to breast/ovarian cancer in 208 families originated mostly from northern/central Portugal. We identified the c.156_157insAlu BRCA2 mutation in 14 families and showed that it accounts for more that one-fourth of deleterious BRCA1/BRCA2 mutations in(More)
With the objective of comparing incidence of adverse events of the opioids codeine, hydrocodone, and tramadol in the relief of cancer pain, we conducted a randomized controlled trial in which patients with cancer were randomly assigned according to a computer-generated schedule to receive one of the three opioids. Of the 177 patients who participated, 62(More)
Hydroxide-metal sludges from electroplating industry are a potential source of environmental contamination due to their high content of heavy metals. The incorporation of these residues in a ceramic matrix can be a promising way to suppress the harmful effect of metals normally present in those sludges. This work reports the role of the mixing time between(More)