Fernando Canas Manso

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Our purpose was to determine the blood amino acid concentration during insulin induced hypoglycemia (IIH) and examine if the administration of alanine or glutamine could help glycemia recovery in fasted rats. IIH was obtained by an intraperitoneal injection of regular insulin (1.0 U/kg). The blood levels of the majority of amino acids, including alanine and(More)
The role of glutamine dipeptide (GDP) to prevent against prolonged insulin induced hypoglycemia (IIH) in overnight fasted rats was investigated. The glycemia was measured 0, 2, 4, 8, and 10 h after an intraperitoneal (i.p.) injection (1 U/kg) of Detemir insulin. Because the lowest glycemia was obtained 4 h after insulin administration, the experiments were(More)
This report deals with the process of improving the stability of medfly, Ceratitis capitata, genetic sexing strains (GSS) based on the swmutation on chromosome 2. This gene affects the rate of development as well as the eye colour and iridescence. The improved sexing strains were produced by mapping swwith deletions and then inducing and screening for new(More)
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