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Exercise training is known to induce an increase in free radical production potentially leading to enhanced muscle injury. Vitamins C and E are well known antioxidants that may prevent muscle cell damage. The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of these supplemental antioxidant vitamins on markers of oxidative stress, muscle damage and(More)
This paper presents test procedures and methodologies for performance verification of Voice over IP technology for ground-ground communications (Radio and Telephony) according to EUROCAE ED-136 requirements and also Surveillance Data (RADAR) according to EUROCONTROL IP-SDE Task Force requirements in an Aeronautical Telecommunications Network (ATN) based on(More)
This paper presents challenges and current implementation state of an IP platform to support ATM communications (Radio, Telephony, Surveillance Data, etc.) in the SISCEAB (Brazilian Integrated Airspace Control System) taking into account the national plan for CNS/ATM development. This IP platform comprises Voice Communication System (VCS), Ground Radio(More)
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