Fernando Buendía

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The distribution of market shares within an industry is a relevant performance measure for managers and policy makers, allowing the determination of whether a given industry is competitive or not. Usually, the perfect competition model is the reference to judge the efficiency of markets. However, there are empirical studies that show that one of the most(More)
Anion photoelectron spectroscopy (PES) and ab initio calculations have been used to identify the unique structural, electronic, and magnetic properties of both neutral and anionic binary AunRhm (n = 1-7 and m = 1-2) clusters in vacuo. Negative ion photoelectron spectra are presented with electron binding energies measured up to 3.493 eV. We discuss our(More)
A comparative theoretical study has been performed of the gas phase and deposited AumRhn (4 ≤ m + n ≤ 6) clusters. The combined use of a genetic algorithm and Density Functional Theory (DFT) calculations allows us to explore the potential energy surface and, therefore, find efficiently and automatically the global minimum configuration for each composition.(More)
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