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Modeling and recognizing landmarks at world-scale is a useful yet challenging task. There exists no readily available list of worldwide landmarks. Obtaining reliable visual models for each landmark can also pose problems, and efficiency is another challenge for such a large scale system. This paper leverages the vast amount of multimedia data on the web,(More)
Continuous current source densities were calculated in two dimensions (proximo-distal vs. medio-lateral) from slices of hippocampal field CA1 placed on a 64-electrode array in the presence of GABA blockers. The synaptic sink generated by stimulation of the Schaffer-commissural fibers spread across the extent of field CA1 within the same sublamina of the(More)
We present a technical demonstration of a world-scale touristic landmark recognition engine. To build such an engine, we leverage ~21.4 million images, from photo sharing websites and Google Image Search, and around two thousand web articles to mine the landmark names and learn the visual models. The landmark recognition engine incorporates 5312 landmarks(More)
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