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OBJECTIVE To assess cortisol concentrations in cord blood and investigate their relationships with the IGF system. STUDY DESIGN Fifteen newborns with birth weight appropriate for gestational age (AGA) and 30 children with intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR) were studied. Serum samples were collected from umbilical cord blood and cortisol, IGF-I and(More)
BACKGROUND Silk-elastin-like proteins (SELPs) combining the physicochemical and biological properties of silk and elastin have a high potential for use in the pharmaceutical, regenerative medicine and materials fields. Their development for use is however restrained by their production levels. Here we describe the batch production optimisation for a novel(More)
A three-year-old male child presented with erythematous maculopapular nonpruritic generalized rash, poor feeding, vomiting, and cramping generalized abdominal pain. He was previously healthy and there was no family history of immunologic or other diseases. On examination he was afebrile, hemodynamically stable, with painful palpation of the right upper(More)
Pyridinoline (PYD) and deoxypyridinoline (DPD) are cross-linking aminoacids of collagen that are located mainly in bone and cartilage. When bone matrix is resorbed these cross-links are quantitatively excreted in the urine and therefore represent specific markers. We have measured the urinary excretion rate of PYD and DPD in 46 severely malnourished boys to(More)
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