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PURPOSE To determine the changes in corneal sensitivity to different stimulus modalities in diabetes mellitus (DM)1 and DM2 patients with retinopathy, and to explore whether argon laser photocoagulation exacerbates sensitivity loss in diabetic patients. METHODS Corneal sensitivity to different modalities of stimulus was determined in one randomized eye in(More)
PURPOSE To explore changes in corneal sensitivity that develop in patients with dry eye and the relationship between sensibility and severity of the dry eye disease. METHODS Experiments were performed in 44 patients with dry eye and 42 healthy individuals. Corneal sensitivity was measured with the Belmonte noncontact gas esthesiometer. Mechanical (air(More)
BACKGROUND Nonadherence and medication errors are common among patients with complex drug regimens. Apps for smartphones and tablets are effective for improving adherence, but they have not been tested in elderly patients with complex chronic conditions and who typically have less experience with this type of technology. OBJECTIVE The objective of this(More)
An issue that has received little attention in the Data Envelopment Analysis literature is the decomposition of profit inefficiency by means of measures that account all sources of technical inefficiency. In this paper we introduce a new way to measure and decompose profit inefficiency through weighted additive models. All our results are derived from a new(More)
Woodchuck hepatitis virus (WHV) and hepatitis B virus (HBV) are closely similar with respect to genomic organization, host antiviral responses, and pathobiology of the infection. T-cell immunity against viral nucleocapsid (HBcAg or WHcAg) has been shown to play a critical role in viral clearance and protection against infection. Here we show that(More)
In this paper, we describe a new mobile application for assisting to elderly patients and their caregivers (familiars, physicians, pharmacist) in the medication management at their homes. This mobile application will help patients to maintain medication adherence in a reliable and correctly intake of their drugs. The main target users of this application(More)
In an era of decreasing availability of funds and increasing demand, the AIDS epidemic threatens to overwhelm health-care services in some countries. We describe a comprehensive model for the treatment of AIDS in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and compare it with traditional hospital-based services. Given the existing allocation of funds, the comprehensive model(More)
Neuroblastoma (NBL) is the most common solid tumor in infants and accounts for 15% of all pediatric cancer deaths. Several risk factors predict NBL outcome: age at the time of diagnosis, stage, chromosome alterations and MYCN (V-Myc Avian Myelocytomatosis Viral Oncogene Neuroblastoma-Derived Homolog) amplification, which characterizes the subset of the most(More)