Fernando Bernuy

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The UChile HomeBreakers team has a strong interest in participating in the RoboCup 2008 @Home League competition. As a team with expertise in robot vision, object recognition, and human-robot interaction, we believe that we can provide interesting features to the league, such as: general-purpose object recognition, face analysis tools, human-robot(More)
The main goal of this article is to report and analyze the applicability of a general-purpose social robot, developed in the context of the RoboCup @Home league, in three different naturalistic environments: (i) home, (ii) school classroom, and (iii) public space settings. The evaluation of the robot's performance relies on its degree of social acceptance,(More)
Semantic mapping is a very active and growing research area, with important applications in indoor and outdoor robotic applications. However, most of the research on semantic mapping has focused on indoor mapping and there is a need for developing semantic mapping methodologies for large-scale outdoor scenarios. In this work, a novel semantic mapping(More)
The determination of the position of the road that a vehicle is following is a topic of high interest in research applications related to driverless cars and driving assistance tools. The complexity of this task increases in natural terrains with unpaved lanes and unstructured objects such as trees, stones, and other natural objects. In this paper, a novel,(More)
The main goal of this article is to describe Bender, a general-purpose social robot with human– robot interaction capabilities, and to report and analyze its applicability in three different natural environments: (i) home settings, (ii) school classrooms, and (iii) public places. Evaluation of the robot's performance is based on its ability to detect and(More)
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