Fernando Bernuy

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The UChile HomeBreakers team has a strong interest in participating in the RoboCup 2008 @Home League competition. As a team with expertise in robot vision, object recognition, and human-robot interaction, we believe that we can provide interesting features to the league, such as: general-purpose object recognition, face analysis tools, human-robot(More)
The main goal of this article is to report and analyze the applicability of a general-purpose social robot, developed in the context of the RoboCup @Home league, in three different naturalistic environments: (i) home, (ii) school classroom, and (iii) public space settings. The evaluation of the robot's performance relies on its degree of social acceptance,(More)
The main goal of this article is to describe Bender, a general-purpose social robot with human– robot interaction capabilities, and to report and analyze its applicability in three different natural environments: (i) home settings, (ii) school classrooms, and (iii) public places. Evaluation of the robot's performance is based on its ability to detect and(More)
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