Fernando Beltrán

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— This paper presents a flow-based, auction-driven approach to resource allocation. This approach allows mobile stations to simultaneously negotiate for resources from competing providers. We use an auction at each provider to decide on the resource allocation, based on the offers made by agents representing mobile nodes. All agents in the system try to(More)
As in any new technology adoption in organizations, big data solutions (BDS) also presents some security threat and challenges, especially due to the characteristics of big data itself-the volume, velocity and variety of data. Even though many security considerations associated to the adoption of BDS have been publicized, it remains unclear whether these(More)
A competition between two or more technologies for becoming the dominant technological standard is a regular occurrence and some popular examples include media formats, Internet browsers, operating systems, game consoles etc. This study introduces an Analytical Framework for Technological Standardization (AFTS) that helps analyze competitors involved in a(More)