Fernando Beltrán

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As in any new technology adoption in organizations, big data solutions (BDS) also presents some security threat and challenges, especially due to the characteristics of big data itself-the volume, velocity and variety of data. Even though many security considerations associated to the adoption of BDS have been publicized, it remains unclear whether these(More)
The decision in 1987 by the pharmaceutical firm Merck & Co. to provide Mectizan (ivermectin) free of charge to river blindness control programs has challenged the international public health community to find effective ways to distribute the drug to rural populations most affected by onchocerciasis. In the Americas, PAHO responded to that challenge by(More)
In this paper a new algorithm to compute an additive synthesis model of a signal is presented. An analysis based on the Continuous Wavelet Transform (CWT) has been used to extract the time-varying amplitudes and phases of the model. A coarse to fine analysis increases the algorithm efficiency. The computation of the transient analysis is performed using the(More)
We present a generic, agent-based simulation environment for dynamic pricing in next-generation wireless networks. While a lot of effort has been put into simulation platforms for recreating the behaviour of IP-based traffic in fixed and wireless networks, no standard platform for simulating different pricing schemes in such networks has yet emerged. Our(More)
In this paper, we present the implementation of different reverberation algorithms in the Matlab programming environment. This is a useful tool to analyze the algorithms behavior from the signal processing and sounding point of view. With Matlab environment is possible and simple to view the filter characteristics, impulse response, phase response and all(More)
BACKGROUND Rabies is a fatal infection of the central nervous system primarily transmitted by rabid animal bites. Rabies virus (RABV) circulates through two different epidemiological cycles: terrestrial and aerial, where dogs, foxes or skunks and bats, respectively, act as the most relevant reservoirs and/or vectors. It is widely accepted that insectivorous(More)
This paper examines some of the key problems users encounter when accessing current generation wireless networks. Using a case study of a hypothetical user, the authors explore the emerging services and the new broadband wireless network technologies necessary to carry them out. This paper analyses the issues associated with an observed trend in the(More)
This paper presents a flow-based, auction-driven approach to resource allocation. This approach allows mobile stations to simultaneously negotiate for resources from competing providers. We use an auction at each provider to decide on the resource allocation, based on the offers made by agents representing mobile nodes. All agents in the system try to(More)
In this work, a new estimator of the fundamental frequencies (F0) present in a polyphonic single-channel signal is developed. The signal is modeled in terms of a set of discrete partials obtained by the Complex Continuous Wavelet Transform (CCWT). The fundamental frequency estimation is based on the energy distribution of the detected partials of the input(More)